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If you made it down to this last link then, thank you. This is the place I put all the things I like but didn't know where to fit them into the rest of the site. 

Sports Illustrated

I had an idea: What if there was a shampoo and conditioner formulated to counteract the negative effects of the sun, poluted air, and tap water. The results was formula L.A. A line of shampoo and conditioner that I developed, designed the packaging, and sold through Los Angeles.

formula jpeg.jpg

The Hayabussa is the fastest production motorcycle in the world, the ultimate street-cred bike. So I designed a campaign featuring murals created by famous graffiti artists while spotlighting up-and-coming rappers in fourteen cities. The online component featured the rappers bios, streamed their music, providing tour info, as well as a build-your-own Hayabussa page with suggestions for customizing.

Picture 2.png
HAYABUSA Chicago.jpg
HAYABUSA Miami.jpg
Picture 1.png

Summer is the slow season in Vegas. So we created a summer camp for adults. With TV, pre-roll videos, gorgeous camp counselors and a little help from Jimmy Kimmel, we blew past every seasonal record and filled the city.


For Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, we used sophisticated analytics and technology geo-targeting age and proximity to bring people to Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas. Which is about exactly none of those things. It’s an authentic German beer house, all about fun and meeting new people. It worked far better than we could have dreamed.

Hofbrauhaus 4
Hofbrauhaus 3
Hofbrauhaus 5
Hofbrauhaus 2
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