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A couple of things you should know upfront. I make men's shoes. You can check out some of my shoes here: If you’ve got a creative problem or unusually shaped feet, I’m your guy. I know how to weld -Tig, Mig, and Gas. I’ve renovated 4 houses and one apartment building and I’ve been skiing since the age of 3. 


Here are the career Cliffs Notes on me: I won a Canne Lion for my work on “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” I’ve worked on global, blue-chip brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda, Pffizer, amsung, Microsoft, SCJohnson and Las Vegas Tourism. 


I’ve got years of experience using, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Sketchup, Sketch, Blender, and MS.


I studied graphic design and painting at The School Of Visual Arts in New York, worked at a few design/advertising shops after graduation, then went back for graduate school to study film at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.  


I also wrote and directed a feature film called My Best Friend’s Wife starring John Stamos. Nice guy. And I’ve directed over 50 commercials and web content for a variety of categories and clients. I’m a decent editor on Adobe Premier as well as graphics on Adobe After Effects.


I've been a lead creative at agencies in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.



I had the opportunity to work with Doug on a very demanding client for over a year. When I was hired, he told me his intent was to turn the workaround – we’ve all heard that before. This time, it was for real and we did, thanks to his guidance, creative direction, and understanding of how to work with a difficult client. Doug did a fantastic job as a conduit between the client and our creative team by managing expectations on both client and agency side. 


Doug was my Creative Director/immediate Supervisor, as well as my partner on many projects. His critiques were productive and fostered work for the “better goodness of the brand.” He was also one of the few Creative Directors who came from the discipline of Art Direction but understood the nuances of writing compelling content.  As a partner, he was funny as hell. I really miss that part. Doug has a great sense of humor that’s contagious, to say the least.

-Felipe Bascope





When I came to the Designory in 1999 I reported directly to Doug Finelli. As the head of production I managed many projects involving millions of dollars for Mercedes-Benz and the pressure was intense.  Doug was a great Creative guy to work for; he valued the creative design side but always managed to see the balance with the logistics side.  I would work for Doug again in a heartbeat!

-Natalia Casemore

 Senior Director of Production at NBC Universal




Doug is the epitome of the full-compliment CD. He's got a sharp eye, a writer's instinct, and more importantly, a highly inquisitive mind.  He's also a delight to work with, inspiring and motivating those around him to always bring their A-game. I've had many partners in my many years in the business, few rise to Doug's level of studied professionalism and cheeky, good-natured fun.

-Dani Kollin

 Creative Director at Belkin International


In a word, working with Doug is just plain scary. In the best way possible. It was scary how well we worked as a team from day one. It was also scary how we both approached the work the exact same way. The really scary part is Doug's an idea machine without an off switch - with solutions, executions, sales, and happy clients to prove it.  He thinks strategically (which to the amusement of everyone scares the hell out of the account people), and manages not only to have a big-picture vision of the work but a real-world solution how to bring it to life. Having been a director, Doug brings an understanding of production and skill set to the party most creative directors only dream of. He doesn't suffer fools lightly, and his wicked sense of humor in even the most dire situations make working with him an unforgettably great experience. I can't wait to do it again. If you hire for a company or an agency, I promise you'll feel the same way.

-Jeff Gelberg

 Senior MarComm Editor




Aside from being one of the funniest people I know, Doug is also very clever. He always has a fresh and innovative solution to just about any advertising problem. Some of the best commercials I've directed have been penned by Doug. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of film and advertising. This serves him well both in creating truly original ideas and scripts as well as through the production process. But, I suppose what I admire most about Doug is that he is a natural collaborator. He is really good at listening to ideas and improving upon them on the spot. He always has really helpful suggestions on set that I almost always incorporate into the shoot. As far as advertising creatives go -- and I work with a lot -- I rate Doug at the top.  

-Roderick Fenske

 Award-winning motion-picture director, writer


Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Fiat, Jeep, Kia, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Quick & Reilly, Pennsylvania Lottery, Peco Energy, BCBS, Martin Guitars, Suzuki Automotive, Suzuki Motorcycles, Honda Automotive, Las Vegas Tourism, Re/Max, Chrysler, Israel Tourism, Lenovo, AMD, Crystal Geyser, Jelly Belly, Sunsweet, Jive Software, Aristocrat Gaming, SC Johnson, Max Factor, House Beautiful, AAA, L’Oreal, Banderos Shoes, Covergirl, Mattel, Ihop, Freebirds, Georgia Lottery, TJ Max, Samsung, Microsoft, Pfizer, American Home Products.

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